About Us

About the Jewel Jemila Brand
The Jewel Jemila brand is an effortlessly feminine, ready to wear brand. Every piece that comes out of Jewel Jemila is made to fit every woman,regardless of her body type and designed to inspire confidence. The Jewel Jemila piece is sophisticated, classy and
designed for movement, infused with bright colors and simple lines to compliment any figure.


About Jemila Yesufu
Jemila Yesufu is a Nigerian fashion designer and the founder of Jewel Jemila. She studied marketing management at De Montfort University, Leicester. She enrolled for a professional training at JemiRiana African Fashion in 2016 and immediately after that she launched the fashion brand, Jewel Jemila. She is an avid fashion lover, which is one of the reasons why she started Jewel Jemila, asides from her love for fashion, she realized there was a big market in Nigeria to dress women in pieces that help accentuate their beauty. Nigerian’s love fashion and events and that’s what she wanted my brand to cater to – women who wanted to feel and look fashionable regardless of their body size and type. She wanted to create an affordable brand that was elegant, classy and chic for the everyday woman.